About Miriam

After taking time out for some intense self-care, incorporating a variety of lifestyle changes and natural therapies, Miriam’s health stabilised for a couple of years. During that time she trained in Fitness but a significant pesticide and mould exposure side-lined her again.


A new home, more pesticide issues for a couple of years and loss of tolerance to all foods resulted in a re-focus on food as medicine. Miriam had been very interested in this as a teenager when she went Vegan/Raw Vegan. Once again, Miriam saw good results and stabilisation of her health. She had become involved in a Permaculture group and loved the way it fit in with what she had learnt and experienced as optimal lifestyle and health outcomes. This resulted in her completion of a Permaculture Design Certificate while planning her wedding. Unexpected parenthood came soon after and a a second child 3 years later, 

A small inheritance enabled Miriam to set up her e-store based around her holistic and natural lifestyle philosophy – www.betweenskyandearth.com.au – which built on the mail order business she had started a few years earlier.  

Her long held passion for Raw Vegan wholefoods resulted in Miriam undertaking training as a coach with Karen Knowler. Miriam continued to study a variety of short private courses on lifestyle, natural healing and mindset topics. A few years later Miriam unexpectedly trained in Reiki and became a Reiki Master over the next couple of years , twice in fact. Short course studies continued fuelling her passion and belief in holistic notions about health and life.

COVID-19,  as for many others, was and still is a difficult scenario in Miriam’s household. During this time, Miriam undertook an International Coaching Federation accredited training. She is passionate about serving anyone, but especially women who have struggled with chronic health challenges.

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Miriam lives with her husband and teenage daughters in Melbourne, Australia.

Both Miriam and her husband are passionate Permaculturalists and Home educators.

Their daughters are gifted artists and story tellers.

The household is rounded out with an aged Siamese cat, Red Kelpie and two chickens.

Miriam also offers Energy Healing, Nutrition services, Permaculture Consulting and Home Education Mentoring and Coaching. 


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